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About Montezuma Paving Company


Montezuma Trucking Company Incorporated was formed in Lake Montezuma, Arizona in 1986.

In 1989 Montezuma began doing business as MONTEZUMA PAVING COMPANY (MPC) and moved its operation to Phoenix.

MPC has completed many grading and paving projects throughout Arizona. Efforts are concentrated in residential, commercial and industrial development in the Phoenix metropolitan area.


Montezuma Paving Company is committed to completing projects on time and on budget with the highest quality workmanship while maintaining a safe work environment.


Montezuma Paving Company has the expertise, staff, field personnel and equipment to complete your project.

Project Management, value engineering, logistics, government interface and scheduling combined with quality workmanship and competitive pricing have proven to be valuable assets to many repeat customers.

MPC also provides "turnkey" site development and has completed projects throughout Arizona since 1986.

Montezuma Paving Company has become known as the Earthwork and Paving Solution.


MPC incorporates project management with cutting edge technology to provide continuous monitoring of projects from inception to close out. Our computer generated three dimensional quantity evaluation with GPS capabilities linked with sophisticated business software enables MPC to provide multi-faceted value engineering.

We are able to proactively work with project engineering at site inception to assist in the development of grading and drainage plans that quite often yield "balanced sites", saving both time and development costs.


MPC has earned safety awards from SCF Arizona for numerous years of operation without filing a workers compensation claim.

Our Drug Free Workplace policy and Safety Employee of the Month program have helped develop a culture that MPC is very proud of.

MPC works continuously to amend and adjust its safety policy and has been rewarded with excellent employee retention from its efforts to maintain this environment.

Safety in the workplace is not optional, it is the way MPC does business.


One of the major assets of MPC is its employees, many of whom have been with the company since the early 1990's.

Our excellent employee retention is attributed to one of the most comprehensive benefits packages in the industry. This package includes a "Drug Free Workplace" and proactive safety program as well as competitive wages, excellent healthcare policy, paid holidays and vacations.